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Solar Energy from Saharan Sun Could Power Europe

July 30, 2008 Mariya 4

Solar thermal parabolic trough power plant;Source: Solar Millennium, TREC According to an article published recently in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, EU scientists are working on an ambitious plan to harvest the sun in the Sahara desert in Africa to provide electricity for Europe. Europe needs a lot of electricity, but […]

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Solar-powered Tech Chair on the Beach

July 19, 2008 Mariya 0

The solar-powered Tech Chair is definitely an interesting idea thought up by experts from the UK-based computer retailer PC World. It may easily become the summer favorite possession especially for the geeks as it boasts all the essential ports for various gadgets to hook up to while you’re lying on […]

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Rotating Skyscraper Powered by Wind and Sun in Dubai

July 14, 2008 Mariya 0

The Italian architect David Fisher said he is ready to start construction on a  futuristic rotating skyscraper in Dubai that will be “the world’s first building in motion”. The modern “Dynamic Tower” construction, which would be energy self sufficient and cost about 700 million dollars to build, will represent an 80-storey […]