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Power Your Home with Solar Roof Tiles

October 1, 2009 Mariya 4

Today the main way for homes to harness solar power is still through bulky rigid panels added to the rooftop or mounted on the ground. But inte recent years there are some innovations within the solar PV industry such as solar roof tiles. Solar roof tiles refer to Building Integrated […]

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Solarpro’s Yankovo PV Power Plant Put into Operation

August 29, 2009 Mariya 2

On 24 August the first stage of the photovoltaic plant of Solarpro in the village of Yankovo, northeastern Bulgaria, has been officially put into operation. The first phase of the project “North-East 1” features installed capacity of 338kWp . The plant had been successfully acceded to the power grid of […]

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Sun-Heated Solar Outdoor Shower

August 23, 2009 Mariya 2

The sun-heated solar shower is a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor pool and an interesting alternative to the regular outdoor shower. This cool solar device can heat up to 8 liters of water to 140° Fahrenheit in as little as two hours. Just place it in a sunny spot and […]

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Orange Solar Concept Tent for Campers

July 20, 2009 Mariya 43

The United Kingdom mobile company Orange recently unveiled their concept for the “tent of the future”, called Glastonbury. This tent will allow avid campers to keep in touch and power their essential gadgets such as GPS or mobile phones.  The Orange Solar Concept Tent was designed with help from the American product […]

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Solar-Powered Electric BlueCar soon in Europe

June 30, 2009 Mariya 4

Another exciting news concerning electric vehicles coming this time from Europe. Italian car designer Pininfarina and French battery manufacturer Bolloré have officially announced that they will release in 2010 a fully-electric, partially solar-powered car in Europe, named BlueCar. Previously unveiled at last years Geneva Show, the BlueCar is a fully-electric […]

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Solar-Powered Electrical Plug-in Station Unveiled in Chicago

May 16, 2009 Mariya 1

Last month Carbon Day Automotive announced the unveiling of the first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in Chicago. Located and operational at the City of Chicago Department of Fleet Maintenance, it will be used on a daily basis to fuel the city’s electric vehicles with clean and renewable power from […]

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Racing Car Made of Vegetables and Powered by Chocolate

May 2, 2009 Mariya 3

This news is not related to solar energy but it is an interesting piece of green news and I think it deserves to write a post about it. The WorldFirst team, a team of UK designers from the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Warwick, Britain, have created […]

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Solar Pool Covers/Blankets

April 30, 2009 Mariya 2

Solar pool accessories such as solar covers or blankets can help you maintain the temperature in your outdoor swimming pool comfortable, extend your swimming pool season, and save money. Solar swimming pool covers made of heavy-duty polyethylene material are specifically designed to capture the sun’s free heat, transmit it to […]

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Types of Solar Pool Collectors

April 25, 2009 Mariya 3

Solar pool collectors are available on the market in many different types to accommodate the many different varieties of pools and conditions. Generally, there are two main solar pool collector types – unglazed collectors and collectors with a glass covering (glazing). The type you need depends on the climate in […]

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Earth Day Celebration

April 22, 2009 Mariya 0

April 22 is a day to celebrate the Earth. Founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, the Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the United States. 20 million people and thousands of local schools and communities participated in the first Earth Day. In 1990, the first official […]