Orange Solar Concept Tent for Campers

The United Kingdom mobile company Orange recently unveiled their concept for the “tent of the future”, called Glastonbury. This tent will allow avid campers to keep in touch and power their essential gadgets such as GPS or mobile phones.

The Orange Solar Concept Tent was designed with help from the American product design firm Kaleidoscope and it harnesses solar energy to charge the gadgetry through a wireless charging pouch (no plug in!).

The solar-powered futuristic tent captures the rays of the sun via “photovoltaic fabric” – specially coated solar threads woven into conventional fabric. The Solar Concept Tent uses this revolutionary new technology to full effect with three adjustable glides, which can be rotated throughout the day to follow the sun and capture the most sunlight. Not only that, the tent has a wireless control hub to provide WiFi, wireless charging, and a touchscreen LCD display that keeps track of the energy generated and consumed.

Another advancement is a cool feature called “glo-cation technology”. This enables campers to find their tent using an SMS message or automatic active RFID tech. So if you’re having trouble finding your tent, sent a text, and the Glastonbury will glow gently for you, guiding you back to your sleeping bag.

There is also a feature known as groundsheet heat. This is an internal heating element controlled by the central hub and it is embedded within the tent’s groundsheet. The underfloor heater will automatically come once the interior temperature drops below a certain level.

As for the price of the Orange Solar Tent, unfortunately, it is still not on sale.

Source: Orange Unveils Solar Powered Tent for Staying Connected While Camping in Luxury

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  1. Looks amazing, but I'm guessing no one involved has actually been to Glastonbury. It wouldn't last a day – it'd be robbed or someone would trash it 🙂

  2. Nothing like an RFID on your tent so they can easily track your every move, even when camping in the woods. Where are these people camping anyways that they have cell service to send an SMS? Otherwise an awesome concept, just sans the Orwell bit.

  3. A lot of good wifi is going to do you when the bears get hungry and go on a rampage. I guess you could give your mum a play-by-play with on FaceBook as your entrails are spilling out all over advanced photo voltaic fabric.

    Not that I got that image out of my head and off my chest, I actually think it's a cool concept. One suggestion would be to find ways to make it lighter, more compact.

  4. How much would something like this cost? How much would it weigh and how small could it be folded? How would it stand up to extreme or even moderate climate?

  5. I would like to know more about the internal dimensions. My husband is 6 and a half feet tall. That makes tent shopping really difficult!

  6. In the words of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "I want it now! What's the matter with those twerps down there?"

  7. Please note that this is NOT a green tent, it is a solar-powered tent. It may well be that the 'carbon footprint', or what have you, for making these tents is 5x greater than for a normal tent. They are designed to bridge the gap between the great outdoors and technological functionality, not necessarily to be eco-friendly. For that, your best bet is a hand-woven hemp canvas tent, very expensive but they'll last a lifetime!

  8. This would be more useful for people doing field work than for campers, as camping for pleasure involves intentionally removing oneself from the grid to reconnect with nature.

  9. Was all excited till I saw the wireless charging and other things that aren't good for you. Remove these and we have a winner!

  10. Regular tents are heavy, try backpacking with that nerd. Lol. Isn't camping meant to get away from city life i.e. technology.

  11. What is the life expectancy of this tent at any festival let alone Glastonbury.
    Don't take anything you don't mind being lost or stolen to a festival.

  12. Fantastic idea… only one concern.
    How does the floor go when it rains?
    And what are the chances of damage due to the water from the rain?

  13. Looks cool, but it will weigh a ton, and with heaters, lights and WiFi, give you all of 2hours of service. Unless, of course, it also comes with a handheld nanofusion reactor for supplemental juice! But keep thinking big 😉

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